Network Inventory Advisor

Network Inventory Advisor 5.0

Monitors and lists all the software installed on the devices on a network
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Identifies every application installed on the devices from your local area network and creates an inventory report. The tool tracks program installations, licenses, application versions, etc. It also recognizes the hardware on machines, which makes it useful for remote troubleshooting.

The three most important characteristics that a network PC audit procedure should present are accuracy, comprehensiveness and reasonable speed. Everyone wants to obtain both accurate and comprehensive reports, but no one wants to spend an entire day for that, that’s why Network Inventory Advisor is an excellent choice: because it can scan any network, even very large ones, and offer reliable and highly-detailed reports in a very short time.

Not only the high report generating speed of Network Inventory Advisor was appealing to me, but also the richness of provided details. It will gather and display a wide variety of details about every hardware component of the scanned network stations, including the motherboard, memory, processor, storage devices, even ports and peripherals. A lot of software information is also supplied, including data regarding the installed OS, information about hot-fixes and licenses, complete lists displaying every installed application, reports about security programs and autorun details, and more. Viewing details about the shared resources, the environment variables, the running processes, the installed services or the user accounts is also possible, from the “Other” section of the interface.

Another thing that convinced me that Network Inventory Advisor is a truly high-quality application is the way it allows the users to customize the generated reports. I have never seen such a multitude of report creating options in other auditing software before. A wizard will help build comprehensive customized reports in a simple manner. Predefined reports are also available.

The scanning scheduler, the network-wide hardware changes tracker or the handy asset management functions are just a few of the many other features and tools that Network Inventory Advisor supplies.

Though its price may seem a bit high to me, I have to admit that it is also mostly justified. In my opinion, the only disadvantage of Network Inventory Advisor is that there are other programs that offer some of the same features for a smaller price or even for free.

Rory Shaffer
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  • A large variety of report customization options
  • Well-organized interface
  • Fast network scanning


  • The program has no disadvantages
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